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Enjoy a monthly box with fun & adapted activities

      How it works?

      1. Choose your plan

        Choose the plan that works best for you : a monthly plan (and be able
        to end it when you want) or a 3 or 6-month plan (one box per month during 3 or 6 months).

      2. Delivered monthly

        We will ship your first activity box the first Monday after your order. The months after, it will be the 15th.

      3. Have fun!

        All the materials and instructions are provided in a clear and short format. 



      What do you get to stimulate, connect and have fun with your loved one? 


      • Five different games focusing on sensory stimulation, logic, language, light physical activity, and art to solicit long-term memory, brain and concentration, to appeal to creative abilities and to maintain motor skills.


      • Each activity is designed to create interactions and come with tips for further discussion.

      • The games can be played alone or with another person.

      • The games have been approved by health professionals to ensure success : difficulty levels are suited for people with moderate‑stage dementia to ensure success.

      • The games are designed to be fun and friendly, but no childish.







        Why Gleam in Your Eye games are beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients?

        It has been scientifically proven that the more a person with Alzheimer’s is physically and mentally stimulated, the slower the progression of the disease is over time. As such, good lifestyle habits and the stimulation of intellectual capabilities are vital for a person with Alzheimer’s. Dr. Anik Guimond, from Montréal’s Institut universitaire de gériatrie, emphasizes the importance of “exercising our brain using activities and games, such as those offered by Gleam in Your Eye, is a good way to stay engaged and have a nice time with a loved one.” Read more 



        Discover our Welcome Box!

        Awaken senses and memories by taking a trip around the USA! 

        Word category
        Designed to make people talk
        Pack your suitcase
        As the first step of your trip, talk about the items you can put into your suitcase... Dices and pictures help you to define all of them! Enjoy...
        Logic category
        Designed to make people think
        Choose your means of transportation 
         Different shapes of wood will now help you to create car, boat, plane or... Just pick the right one and have fun!
        Sensory category
        Designed to make people remember
        Visit beautiful places
        It's time to define where you want to go. A map and some stickers will make you talk about the places you have visited.. or not yet. Share desires and memories!
        Physical category
        Designed to make people move
        Have fun by the beach
        It's time to have fun and play with a beach ball. Who is going to win?
        Art category
        Designed to make people create
        Share your vacation memories
        After all these good times, it’s time to share your memories by customizing beautiful postcards. Choose who to send them to!




        Why subscribe to Gleam in Your Eye ?

        • It’s easy : Every month, the boxes are delivered to the home of the person they are for. No more searching for activities—we’ve got you covered!
        • It’s fun : The games are designed to be played over and over for long-lasting fun and stimulation.
        • It’s useful :  It’s an engaging way to stimulate dementia patients and improve interactions with their relatives. 
        • It’s the perfect gift : The boxes can be gifted to share good times when visiting a person with dementia.