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Keep In Touch

Each month, enjoy a new box with fun activities


    • Help bring joy and entertainment with games adapted for people with dementia.
    • Connect and create a fun way to spend time with your loved one !





      What you get 


      • Five different games focusing on sensory stimulation, logic, language, light physical activity, and art. Each activity is designed to create interactions.
      • The games can be played alone or with another person.
      • The games have been approved by health professionals.
      • Difficulty levels are suited for people with moderate‑stage dementia.


        Why subscribe to Gleam in Your Eye ?

        • It’s easy : Every month, or several times a year, the boxes are delivered to the home of the person they are for. No more searching for activities—we’ve got you covered!
        • It’s fun : The games are designed to be played over and over for long-lasting fun and stimulation.
        • It’s useful :  It’s an engaging way to stimulate dementia patients and improve interactions with their relatives. 
        • It’s the perfect gift : The boxes can be gifted to share good times when visiting a person with dementia.