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Why is Gleam in Your Eye a perfect gift for people living with Alzheimer's?

Why is Gleam in Your Eye a perfect gift for people living with Alzheimer's?

When you live far away from the affected person, it’s difficult to keep in touch and show how much you think about her. Choosing Gleam in Your Eye as a gift is also a good way to share a little of their daily life, bringing them cheerfulness regularly. Also, you can use all these games when you visit her to spend a good time together.

And when you daily care for a loved one suffering from dementia, you provide him material and psychological support on a daily basis, and that is already a lot. To provide daily and entertaining activities can be challenging or overwhelming, but certainly comes with a lot of advantages.  


Beyond spending a good time together (even if it’s already great!), practicing physical, cerebral or manual activities will:

1/ value the person and allow her to keep confidence

2/ keep your loved one active and thus lower her anxiety level

3/ maintain a social bond and fight against withdrawal

4/ exercise cognitive abilities and thus slow the progression of the disease


It’s not always easy to find the right activities, with the right level of difficulty… It requires extensive research on what is available. Though as a caregiver, you already have so much to manage…  You don’t necessarily have time to devote to that.


That’s why Gleam in your Eye is the perfect gift for Alzheimer’s patients as :

  • The activity box is delivered directly to the home each month to make life easier for everyone. Just choose the plan you want to subscribe to. It’s a gift, you want it to be easy!
  • The activities are appropriate and designed with the help of health specialists to ensure success, in order to maintain a good self-esteem. It’s a gift, you want it to be fun!
  • The activities are varied (cerebral, artistic, physical) to exercise memory, maintain form, work concentration… and above all, satisfy the taste of the affected person. It’s a gift, you want to please!
  • Activities can be either solo, or group activities, to maintain social interactions. It’s a gift, you want it to be useful!


It’s all thought out… it’s a perfect gift for someone with dementia… and all the ones who are living with…

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Take care! And feel free to give me feedback at

By Marie Vaudry

Caregiver of a mother, France, diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's at 59 years old

and Founder of Gleam in Your Eye, a company dedicated to bringing joy to the lives of people with dementia.


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