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Why are adapted games useful for Alzheimer’s patients?

Why are adapted games useful for Alzheimer’s patients?


Alzheimer’s disease accounts for the majority of dementia. It is a neurodegenerative disease with the following cognitive disorders:

  • amnesia: partial or total loss of memory
  • aphasia: the loss of the ability to express oneself or understand language
  • agnosia: the disorders of the recognition of faces, objects, sounds, tastes…
  • apraxia: the difficulty of performing everyday gestures

To date, there is unfortunately no curative treatment… but we must not give up! Maintaining physical, brain and manual activities will slow the progression of the disease. To be effective, these activities must be carried out regularly, but not too long or too intense to avoid fatigue or stress. Finding suitable, diverse and accessible activities can quickly prove to be a puzzle!

That’s why at Gleam in Your Eye, our games for people with Alzheimer’s are specially designed to help fight the progressive deterioration of cognitive and physical abilities. We provide distracting activities to share good times by playing and having fun!


The activities are based on:

  • memory activities to solicit long-term memory
  • logical games to solicit brain and concentration
  • artistic activities to appeal to creative abilities 
  • physical activities to maintain motor skills and slow the loss of coordination 

And everything is designed to be fun and friendly, and ensure success!

In each box of games, the activities are designed around 5 categories:



Example concept of games


  • Recognizing objects in the blind
  • Placing places on maps


  • Associating objects with their shadows
  • Matching parts to create precise shapes


  • Using given words to create a story
  • Telling a story about the theme
  • Finding words through their definition


  • Painting, coloring
  • Creating Postcards


  • Throwing balls to a target
  • Playing ball
  • Doing choreography


So you are sure to find the right activity according to how the person feels and what she wants to do.

Here's a preview of one of our box and !

If you want to know more about our product, you can visit:

To shop, it’s very simple: choose the best option for you and the box is delivered directly to your home. Just play and have fun!

Take care! And feel free to give me feedback at


By Marie Vaudry

Caregiver of a mother, France, diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's at 59 years old and Founder of Gleam in Your Eye, a company dedicated to bringing joy to the lives of people with dementia.

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