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Offbeat activities for people with dementia : fun and no fail !

fun activities for people with alzheimer

Here are a few offbeat ideas I encourage you to try out with a person who has a cognitive impairment :


    • Play some upbeat music and do some dance moves, standing or sitting down.
    • Go for a walk and decide on a challenge : find certain objects, walk like a soldier, count steps, walk quickly towards a stop sign, etc.
    • Try out new activities the person never did as an adult : coloring, finger painting, or even playing with clay.
    • Stack toilet paper rolls on top of one another to build a tower, then knock them down.
    • Have fun tearing up bits of magazines or newspapers.
    • Look at family photos. Have fun pointing out who has the biggest nose, the most colorful shirt, etc. Notice how fashion trends have changed.
    • Have fun counting the change you each have in your wallet and trading money or cards.
    • Take a deck of cards and sort them by colors, numbers, figures, etc.


    Feel free to write us if you have any comments or if you would like to share some of the memorable moments you’ve enjoyed with the person you are caring for.


    Stay tuned for more very soon !


    Marie Vaudry

    Caregiver and Founder of Gleam in Your Eye


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